Credits & Thanks

The images in this travel blog have been sourced as free use media files from Wikimedia, eBay, Google Images and the like. I have credited where possible. If you find that I have not cedited an image correctly, or that you own the copyright to a particular image, please contact: Please note that a watermark has been added to the pages of Vincent’s journal as a preventive measure.

The primary text source is Vincent Price’s own hand-written journal from 1928, which was purchased from his estate. I have kept the text as written, including the spelling errors. Additional text, like ON THIS DAY, DID YOU KNOW? and EDITOR’S NOTES have been sourced via Wikipedia and relevant websites. If you would like to contribute stories or titbits about 1928, or have queries about any of the facts contained herein, please email:

I am forever grateful of the support of Victoria Price, and would like to thank Richard Squires of the Vincent Price Exhibit website, who helped me transcribe the journal, and to Fiona Cullinan who guided me through my first Word Press experience.


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