The Netherlands | 21 July 1928

DATE Saturday July 21 1928
PLACE Holland
Today we went to the isle of Marken & I liked it very much it is a very quaint isle were all the people were native costumes, but I enjoyed the village of Vollendam much more. I never realising how the people over here enjoyed jipping us, just because we have money. We returned to Zandvoort + went to a very nice dance at the Kushaus and had a swell time. I introduced the Saint Louis Stomp [1] in Holland.

Vollendam Postcard 1928Marken Postcard 1928DID YOU KNOW?
Summer Olympics 1928From 28 July to 12 August, The 1928 Summer Olympics were held in Amsterdam, where women’s athletics and gymnastics made their debut and discus thrower Halina Konopacka of Poland became the first female Olympic gold medal winner for a track or field event. It was also significant as Coca Cola entered Europe as the sponsor of the Games. So while Vincent’s tour was visiting the Netherlands, they must have seen a lot of promotion around. Read more about the 1928 Olympics here. You can also see highlights in a nicely edited YouTube video. Click here to watch it.

Vincent Price Travel Journal 1928 (reproduced courtesy of Peter Fuller)

Vincent Price Travel Journal 1928 (reproduced courtesy of Peter Fuller)

[1] Vincent may have been referring to the St Louis Shag. Throughout the 1920s and up to the 1950s, every city in the US claimed its own swing dance routine. You can check out the moves in this YouTube video.

[sic] Although Vincent misspells words in his journal, we have kept them as he wrote them.