About the Editor

Peter Fuller The VP Journal EditorHi! I’m Peter Fuller, an Australian-born London-based writer who provides cult film and TV reviews for a number of popular genre websites, has directed the odd experimental short film (including one which pays homage to The Abominable Dr Phibes), and is the administrator of the Sound of Vincent Price website.

Peter with Victoria Price in St Louis, Missouri (May, 2011)

Peter with Victoria Price in St Louis, Missouri (May, 2011)

A long-time Vincent Price fan, I have been promoting Price’s legacy as an actor, art lover, gourmet and being one of the best iconic voice artists ever since I was captivated by Vincent’s appearance in an episode of The Brady Bunch at the tender age of 10. I soon became an avid collector of ephemera connected to Price, which culminated in the purchase from his estate, his 1928 travel journal. At the 2011 Vincentennial in Price’s hometown of St Louis, Missouri, I met fans and Price’s daughter Victoria, and this gave me the idea of sharing his journal. This travel blog is the result.


2 thoughts on “About the Editor

  1. Really great. I’m glad you have chosen to share this, rather than simply keep it hidden away. May the contents of this little travel diary bring you as many discoveries as it undoubtedly did Vincent.

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