Italy | 4-5 August 1928

florence_postcard_1928DATE August 4th 1928
PLACE Florence
Hats birthday sees me in Florence at 6.30. I went to the Hotel, which is very nice & then started out to shop. I bought quite a few things & then mainly the fountain which is cute. In the afternoon I went through the Uffizi gallery & saw so many famous pictures that I was lost. The best was Madonna delle Arpie by Del Sarto. Met the party at dinner & then went shopping after also.

florence_postcard_1928cDATE August 5th 1928
PLACE Florence
If you look anyway around you in this city you find something interesting. Today we started out to sightsee we saw the Bapistry & Giotto’s tower then Dante’s House (Restored) and then to the Uffizi & Pitti. Such marvelous pictures I have never seen. Then after lunch in private cars we road to Piazza Michaelangelo & then to Church of the Holy Cross where he is buried along with Micheavelli. This is the Westminster Abbey of Florence. To the Hospital to see the Bambinos & then back to the Cathedral & tower saw famous bronze doors. Then we went to the Medici Chapel & saw Michealango’s famous statues. We saw Cellini’s Perseus & many other famous statues in the porch of the Uffizi. Including the Rape of the Sabines (a very like-like statue).

Vincent Price Travel Journal 1928 (reproduced courtesy of Peter Fuller)

Vincent Price Travel Journal 1928 (reproduced courtesy of Peter Fuller)

In 1962, Vincent recorded an audio tour of the Pitti Palace for Colorslide, a series on European art galleries and cities. You can view it, in two parts, here.

[sic] Although Vincent misspells words in his journal, we have kept them as he wrote them.


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